What violence and harassment at the workplace means

A range of;
✖ Unacceptable behaviors
✖ Unacceptable practices
✖ Threats

Whether a single occurrence or repeated, that aim at, result in, or are likely to result in;
✖ Physical harm:
Physical injury to an employee which is usually caused on purpose. Any act which causes physical harm as a result of unlawful physical force. Physical violence can take the form of, among others, serious and minor assault, deprivation of liberty and manslaughter.

✖Psychological harm:
Any work-related stress and associated emotional condition which causes psychological harm to an individual. Psychological violence can take the form of, for example, coercion, defamation, verbal insult or harassment, Psychological abuse and intimidation

✖ Sexual Harassment
Any sexual act performed on an individual without their consent. Sexual violence can take the form of rape or sexual assault.

✖ Economic harm:
Any act or behavior which causes economic harm to an individual. Economic violence can take the form of, property damage, restricting access to financial resources, education or the Labour market, or not complying with economic responsibilities, such as alimony. Forms include Economic and financial abuse

✖ Gender-based violence and harassment:
Violence and harassment directed at persons because of their sex or gender or affecting persons of a particular sex or gender disproportionately and includes sexual harassment. Forms include forced prostitution,human trafficking, sexual violence, including rape and sexual assault, sexual harassment, including quid pro quo
✖ Verbal abuse: the use of words to cause harm to the person being spoken to
✖ Bullying: intentional act that causes harm to others
✖ Stalking: the act or crime of willfully and repeatedly following or harassing another person in circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death especially because of express or implied threats